Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY Simple Easel

As I was finishing up my wood block nativity I realized I needed some way to make the stable stay up. I used 1/4" MDF to make the 12 inch square stable so there was no way it was going to stand independently. After lots of looking around and research at craft stores I decided I could make my own simple easel.

5" piece of 2"x4"
5/16" dowel

5/16" bit

The rest is self explanatory from the first picture, but in case you want to read about it anyway.....
1. Cut the 2"x4" using a real saw (my miter box took waaaaaaay too long).
2. Cut two short dowel pieces approx 2" and one longer piece approx. 6" long.
3. Drill three partial depth holes in your 2x4 in a triangular pattern. (see top picture)
4. Push dowel pieces into holes with the long piece in the back.
5. Presto - be impressed - you made an easel.
6. Paint if so desired. You could even glue the dowels in if you want. I choose to leave mine unglued so I could take them out for storage if I wanted to.

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