Monday, December 30, 2013

Duct/Duck Tape Craft - Rose Pens - Kid Craft Critique

For Christmas, my 11 year old daughter got some craft supplies - Duck Tape (duct tape - whatever). Using the instructions on Ducktivities she and her 10 year old sister made these pens.

Here's the 11 year old Kid Craft Critique:

Clarity of instructions: 4 out of 5 (a little more instruction on petal placement would have been nice)
Fun factor: 3 out of 5 (dissatisfied with her pen)

And the 10 year old Kid Craft Critique:

Clarity of instructions: 4 out of 5
Fun factor: 5 out of 5 (she likes her pen - it's the one on the right in the picture)

I'm liking the Kid Craft Critic's assistance. They are excellent proof readers and capitalization experts too!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Be You Tiful - Beautiful - T shirts FREE Silhouette file

FREE Silhouette Studio file (created by me) to make this great t shirt design! It's my birthday this week and I just wanted to share.

I love making meaningful items. I've seen multiple variations on the "be you tiful" phrase and I've made several of my own. These clearance t shirts were just begging for me to make them into beautiful inspirational tees for my girls. So I did of course.
white and silver heat transfer vinyl on beautiful blue shirt

purple and royal blue heat transfer vinyl on heather gray shirt
If you would like to make your own shirt using the same design you can download the silhouette studio file from this link (google docs) Be You Tiful dot studio file  Please respect my creations and only use this file for personal use. And this file only works with the silhouette craft cutters.

Because of my etsy store I have a heat press which is the best way to apply heat transfer vinyl. But if you are using a home iron here are some tips for the best results.

Race Medal Holders

A friend asked me to make one of these as a surprise gift for her husband who loves to run. She choose the quote "Always earned. Never given."

I used boards I already had cut and only had to buy the pegs and the hangers for the back.
Gift for a teen who loves to run and choose not to run a big name marathon on Sunday even though his training partners did. Go Chandler!

My eval: 
  • loved that I was able to make this for someone else. Their family has helped my family in many ways.
  • and it gave me an excuse to do something for Chandler to tell him I really admire his courage in making the right choice
  • it's nice to be able to use all my crafty "stuff" in meaningful ways
  • happy I was able to find a runner and make a few modifications (remove the frame using point editing)

Improvements for next time (the perfectionist in me hasn't died yet): 
  • pick a dark background color and use light lettering
    • could still be changed if the new owners want to paint over the vinyl and then remove the vinyl (reverse stenciling)
  • install 2 hangers on the back so it will hang even when medals (weights) are added
    • I think I'll retrieve the one I didn't do that on and fix it
  • put the hangers on before gluing the pegs in
  • add felt pads to the bottom corners so it hangs more evenly on the wall
    • or finally learn how to use the key hole router bit I own

Trivia (or not):

"run medal holder" (note to self)
used silhouette studio image "sports badge set" design #30246 
Arm Wrestler font

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