Saturday, December 21, 2013

Race Medal Holders

A friend asked me to make one of these as a surprise gift for her husband who loves to run. She choose the quote "Always earned. Never given."

I used boards I already had cut and only had to buy the pegs and the hangers for the back.
Gift for a teen who loves to run and choose not to run a big name marathon on Sunday even though his training partners did. Go Chandler!

My eval: 
  • loved that I was able to make this for someone else. Their family has helped my family in many ways.
  • and it gave me an excuse to do something for Chandler to tell him I really admire his courage in making the right choice
  • it's nice to be able to use all my crafty "stuff" in meaningful ways
  • happy I was able to find a runner and make a few modifications (remove the frame using point editing)

Improvements for next time (the perfectionist in me hasn't died yet): 
  • pick a dark background color and use light lettering
    • could still be changed if the new owners want to paint over the vinyl and then remove the vinyl (reverse stenciling)
  • install 2 hangers on the back so it will hang even when medals (weights) are added
    • I think I'll retrieve the one I didn't do that on and fix it
  • put the hangers on before gluing the pegs in
  • add felt pads to the bottom corners so it hangs more evenly on the wall
    • or finally learn how to use the key hole router bit I own

Trivia (or not):

"run medal holder" (note to self)
used silhouette studio image "sports badge set" design #30246 
Arm Wrestler font

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