Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome :)

Welcome to the Southpaw Crafts blog.

I'm Margaret and I'm the CCO, chief creative officer. I'm a left (southpaw) who was raised in the south. I now live in a different part of the south. I married a South and look what happened (see picture). Not one of those 5 cute kiddos is a lefty, but they are all mine and I love them and their blue eyed Daddy.

For more about me visit my "About" page  on etsy. It even has a picture of me with my hair not in a pony tail!


  1. Aw - your family photo is missing, Margaret! So glad to have you as a member at Silhouette Plus!

    1. Barbara - thanks for stopping by. I fixed the picture problem. Don't know how the whole family disappeared, but we're back!


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