Saturday, January 11, 2014

Customized Music Clock Face - less than successful

My clock stopped working which was absolutely great because then I could take it apart without ruining it! After seeing how it was assembled I decided to buy another cheap (Walmart generic $4) clock and customize it.
First take apart the clock. This one has screws.
The hands pop off, but these are the problem children. A better constructed clock would be great (like the one that died - now the hand construction is flimsier making this project less than successful).
I made my clock face using one from the silhouette store (just so I wouldn't have to do the circle with 60 divisions on it). I decided to go with a musical theme: a quarter note at one o'clock, a half note (two beats) at two o'clock, etc. With the print and cut feature on the silhouette you can even use the silhouette to cut the hole in the center of the clock face.
Musical Clock
The final product looks great and worked great until..... the clock hands needed to cross paths. Then the hands got stuck because they weren't perfectly aligned. The hands were put together with rivet like construction. With a different clock you wouldn't have this problem. But after a few days of using this clock in my kitchen I decided I didn't like the musical face because my kids (some of whom are just learning to tell time on an analog clock) couldn't tell what the hours were. So in the end I just bought another $4 clock and put it on the wall without modification.

But if you could solve the supply issue (find a decent clock) the options for customizing are endless (scrapbook paper background anyone?). I just wasn't willing to spend more money on a clock.

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