Friday, August 16, 2013

Print on Fabric Craft FAIL!

Today I up got inspired to try my hand at printing on fabric. 

  • I took out my roll of freezer paper (fresh from the baggie aisle in Walmart or probably stale by now since I've had it for years). 
  • I cut several pieces to 8 1/2 x 11 so they would fit through the printer. 
  • Then I ironed it onto white cotton fabric (actually a sheet from Target that I have been using for various projects).
  • I selected two images from my silhouette collection. I changed one color so I would have yellow to test also.
  • Then I printed the file on printer paper and on two pieces of fabric.
  • The fabric went through the printer just fine with the freezer paper backing.

  • As you can see, method 1 did not work. Simply soaking it in vinegar did not set the ink. In fact it seemed to erase the ink. Maybe if I had let the ink sit for a few hours before the vinegar rinse it would have been different? I don't know.

  • Method 2 - heat set - I used my heat press and pressed it on medium pressure for 20 seconds at 350 degrees. It looked good so I decided to wash my towels (and my craft experiment). Craft FAIL!
What kind of craft failures have you had? And have you had success in printing on fabric and getting it to stay!?!

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