Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jobs for Moms - Part I Piano Teacher

I've probably read a dozen articles about jobs for stay at home moms. Most of the time I'm not impressed at all. This series will explore jobs for moms as researched by a Mom (me). I'll even try to interview some people I know who successfully work from home while being a mom. I'll start with jobs that I have done successfully in the past or currently.

Part I: 
Piano Teacher

Skills Needed: you must play the piano well
      you must be enthusiastic and work well with children
     organizational skills to keep track of payments

Equipment: piano!!

Not Necessary But Nice: a music related degree (you can charge more and should charge more if you have a music degree)

Potential Income: depends on your particular market. I've heard of piano teachers who charge as little as $8/lesson (crazy in my opinion) and it goes up from there. I personally would charge $12 per half hour lesson in my particular market. I started teaching at $10 per half hour lesson.

Cons: after school hours (unless you have homeschool piano students)

My choice: I currently choose not to teach piano because I need to be available for my own children after school. I found that I couldn't take care of an infant and teach. Then I noticed that my own children weren't learning to play the piano because I was too busy teaching other people's children.

Works for Others: My sister teaches piano lessons and allows her kids to watch a video or has someone else babysit for her while she teaches. Her teaching funds the family food budget. She has a music related degree and taught choir at the college level prior to having children of her own. (Did I mention she plays better than I do too?)

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