Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Monday - Getting Motivated

Backside of Random Reinforcement Chart
So last week was intro week. And the kids did practice..... a little. Mr. Z is practiced the most. Studies show that random reinforcement works better in the long run that scheduled expected reinforcement. Enter: Random Reinforcement Chart!! These charts have 28 flaps (perforated at the top). Each chart has 6 sparkly smiley faces. I posted them on the wall. After a child has practiced for the day they can pick a flap to remove. If they get a smiley face they get to pick from my prize collection. The prizes are random too because they have to choose from one of two small mailboxes. They can shake them but they can't open them until they choose. The current prize collection features items from Valentine's day clearance.

Yesterday everyone practiced (a first in a few days). Today is a school holiday and everyone practiced before 9 am without being reminded! I wonder how long this will last.

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