Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's "Boxes" - Cardstock in Craft Cutter Tips

Today I got inspired by my forced stay-at-home-because-my-kid-puked-this-morning status and decided to do something about those Valentine's Day Mailboxes my kids are supposed to bring to school this week.

I used my craft cutter to resize and cut out this heart box and the kids decorated them. I love that my 5 year old put "Mom" on one for me!

A few tips for those who are new to using craft cutters for cutting cardstock (that's me).

#1 Not all cardstock is created equal. My machine shredded one card and did the next one perfectly on the same settings.

#2 Not all cardstock in a multi-color pack is the same quality. The pink that shredded and the red that didn't were in the same pack. (Now if I could just figure out how to predict which colors are bad quality.....)

#3 I found it easier to roll the mat away from the cardstock than to pick the pieces off of the mat. Of course this problem may be solved with the removal spatula that I've been too cheap to buy!

#4 Every craft is easier without the help of a toddler. (Umm, yeah. I knew that but thought I could be super crafty mom anyway. Isn't she cute? Yes I'm biased I'm her Mom!)

What super craftiness have you been up to lately?

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  1. These are super cute! #3 is my method too and for the same reason! haha And those little cheeks are pretty darn cute!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Time For You Tuesday! Following you back! :)

  2. haha I am too cheap to buy the spatula too. Never tried rolling the mat away rather than picking the pieces off. Thanks for the tip! Boxes are adorable too!


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