Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chess Demo Board DIY Vinyl and Magnetic White Board

I made this for chess club at school to use as a demonstration board. The squares and lettering are black craft vinyl. Then I used my 2" circle punch to make green cardstock circles.

I cut the chess pieces out of vinyl and put the designs on the green circles. I laminated it at the office store instead of at the school because I wanted a stiff laminate. Then I glued magnets to the back. I used magnetic sheeting cut into squares (button magnets aren't necessary).

The imperfections are because I used scrap vinyl for the lettering and didn't worry about 100% perfect placement. I could have aligned the design perfectly in silhouette studio and then used transfer tape but that seemed like a waste of vinyl and tape when I had perfectly good scraps. :)

Things I would change - after putting the board on the white board I realized that the room we will use for chess club most of the time has a white board in it. So next time I might try making a laminated board/poster (using the school's thin laminate machine) to hang on the existing white board with magnets. It would be easier to carry around. But that being said, the first chess meeting we ended up in the library which doesn't have a white board so I'm glad I had this one.

Another note - I did use a chess piece design from the silhouette store, but I had to do significant point editing and other alteration to make the design the way I wanted it. It was still easier than starting from scratch though!

P.S. - Did you know that academic/tournament chess sets come with an extra queen? That's why you see an extra black and white piece on my whiteboard.

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