Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dollar Store Orbeez - Super Money Saver!

If you have an orbeez lover, you need to check out the "Hydrating Beads" with folding plastic vase at the dollar store (Dollar Tree). My research team and I had great fun comparing the two.
First of all a refill package of Orbeez is $10-15. The Dollar Tree version is $1 (of course). When dry the dollar version is slightly larger than the regular Orbeez and when hydrated they are quite a bit bigger and not as dense (i.e. more subject to falling apart). But both versions bounce all over the kitchen floor quite nicely.

Orbeez are fun for sensory play, but they can also be used to make neck coolers (great for hot weather outdoor events). If you want to try that I recommend the tutorial by Little Birdie Secrets. And if you can't find this item at your local Dollar Store, try the floral department at your craft store, or google "Orbeez" or hydrating beads and you will find ebay sellers and more.

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