Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Make Your Own Free Vinyl Storage Containers

I finally found a way to store my rolls of vinyl and it's FREE! I made a quick stop at the local liquor store and asked if they had any boxes. After scoring 5 boxes and some puzzled looks from my children (who I promptly reassured that the only time I go to a liquor store is if I need sturdy boxes with dividers), I finished my errands and ran home to get started.

First remove the top flaps with your handy dandy razor blade cutter. Second, use some spare contact paper and cover the boxes. I just covered the sides and the top inside edge of the box. The advantage of the zebra stripe print is that it doesn't show the wrinkles very well.

Here's a quick visual for you:

You can't even see most of the vinyl in the before picture because it was being stored in my dresser. Now I can easily see what vinyl I have and know better when to reorder. And I can actually use the copy feature on the printer without moving tons of stuff. :)

The liquor store box solution might not work if you have lots of heavy rolls of vinyl, but it works perfectly for me.

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