Friday, May 2, 2014

Lengthening a Toddler Dress with a Contrast Band

I love cut little girl dresses, and I love cute little girl dresses that come at least to the knees even more. I recently found a $5 dress at a big box store, but it was a little on the short side (and even shorter after a wearing and a washing!). I can't even buy the fabric and pattern to make a 3T dress for $5 so I decided to buy the bargain dress and alter it myself.

My 3T super model with her favorite bag and matching dress
Step 1 - Cut the fabric. I measured around the bottom edge of the dress and added enough for a seam allowance. Then I considered how much length I wanted to add and doubled that plus a seam allowance. So my piece of fabric was approximately 38" long by 8" tall.

Step 2 - Sew the end of the fabric so it is one long tube.

Step 3 - Fold the fabric over on itself so the tube is half the original height. Iron!!

Step 4 - Sew the top end of the tube shut. I used a serger just because I can (thank you craigslist for the ancient but great serger).

Step 5 - With right sides together sew the top of the tube to the bottom of the dress. (Yes pins would be nice, but sometimes I sew without.)

Step 6 - Iron the seam down.

Step 7 - Admire your just washed baby in her just lengthened dress. Although these pictures don't show it the dress is now just below her knees. If I ask her to pose for a picture I get a scrunched up squinty eyed picture (she hates the flash and always thinks it's going to go off).

Note - long dresses are great for babies old enough to walk, but are terribly frustrating to crawling babies.

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