Friday, May 2, 2014

YW theme frame - simple frame option for odd size items

At church the girls ages 12 to 18 recite the Young Women's theme every Sunday. I noticed that they are using a simple poster held up by a thumbtack. It would look so much nicer framed. But as I did some research I quickly discovered that 14 x 20 is NOT a common size and would require a pricey custom frame.

Sounds like the perfect problem for a determined DIYer like me!

Plan A: My first option was to glue the poster to a black foam board and use a simple geometric or scroll-ish accent to imitate a frame. Problem #1 - not enough gold vinyl.

Plan B: Having already found/created a design for the gold accent I bought some gold paint and used a contact paper stencil to spray paint on the design. Problem #2 - for whatever reason the foam board and the paint don't like each other enough to stick well. Every time I touched the dry paint it flaked off on my finger. Ick!

Plan C: Spray paint white vinyl (oracal 631) and then apply the "gold" vinyl to the foam board in a much simplified geometric design. SUCCESS!! Proving that if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.

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