Friday, May 16, 2014

Sew San Antonio - Virtual Fabric Shop Hop - Walmart

Stop number two on our Virtual Fabric Shop Hop wasn't originally on my list, but then I hit a patch of good luck and decided it was worth mentioning Walmart. Yes, Walmart has fabric again (at least all the ones in my local area do). The selection is small, but occasionally the surprises are worth the time it takes to check it out.
Walmart fabric - 2 - $1 bandanas, 1 batik fat quarter, blue bird medallion fabric $1.50/yd, yellow yard $2.50/yd

Things you may or may not find in a Walmart fabric aisle (because it really is more like one or two short aisles than a store):

  • interfacing (iron on vinyl too - surprise, surprise)
  • polyfil (stuffing)
  • packaged batting
  • fleece at rock bottom prices
  • flannel
  • precuts (surprisingly sometimes better quality than prepackaged fat quarters at other stores)
  • twill
  • a few more formal fabrics, lace, etc
  • maybe some seasonal fabric (4th of July) or trending fabric (chevrons)
  • patterns (the $0.97 pattern I bought wasn't worth my money)
  • 2-4 different sewing machines
The good things about fabric at Walmart:
  • the prices are usually great 
  • no coupon gimmicks
  • the occasional happy surprise (love my yellow butterfly fabric)
  • you may frequent Walmart for other items so it's convenient :)
  • if you're an out of the box thinker, try the accessories section for $1 bandanas - it's like a $1 fat qurter only bigger and it has a border print too
The downers:
  • despite being a 24/7 store I was unable to find anyone to cut my fabric at 9:30pm
  • the staff who cuts your fabric probably doesn't know how to operate a sewing machine (at least in my local area - I'm sure there are exceptions)
  • prices are not well labeled (again exceptions exist, but fabric isn't a priority for most Walmarts)
  • no classes
  • no advertised sales

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