Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Car Carrier Book - Quasi Tutorial

Welcome to my garage tutorial - garage for your matchbox and hot wheels that is.

Supplies Needed:

1/2 yard fabric (this one says exclusive of JoAnn's so try there if you want the awesome road fabric)
1 - plastic canvas 12" x 18"
1 - scrap of batting or piece of fleece 13" x 18"
1" wide elastic (I used fold over elastic but regular would work too)

1. Cut:
2 - 13" by 1/2 yard wide (18"). I didn't prewash but you can if you like.
2 - 3 1/4" by 18" pieces for handles
1 - 13" x 18" piece of batting.

2. Take one piece of fabric and measure 2" and 6" from 13" side (not 2 1/2" and 6 1/2" as shown in the picture). This is where you pin the elastic. Fabric is folded in half to 13" x 9 in picture.

3. Use 1 7/8" loops (I did 2" and the cars tend to slide out). It is 1 1/2" from one lane to the next lane so pin the 1 7/8" loops 1 1/2" apart. Got it? Good. Go ahead and sew the elastic down.

4. Fold handle pieces in half length wise right sides together. Sew and turn right side out. Iron. Decide that 18" in too long and chop 5" off (or read the quasi tutorial all the way through before starting and just cut 3 1/4" by 13" pieces for handles instead).

5. Cut the plastic canvas into three pieces: 2 - 7 7/8" by 11 1/2", and one 1" x 11 1/2" piece for the spine.

6. Stack your hot wheels book sandwich. Batting down first, then fabric (right side up). Next pin the handles to the ends with the handles going in (as pictured). Then other side of fabric (right side down - so right sides are facing). Pin.

7. Sew. Leave approximately 8" opening on long side for inserting plastic canvas later.
8. Clip corners and turn right side out. Next iron on a title page if you just happen to feel like it.

9. Adjust plastic canvas to fit (if necessary). Insert one side and sew next to spine. Insert plastic canvas spine and sew.

10. Sew opening shut. Sew velcro on handles (and wish you did that before sewing the sandwich together).

Presto - BOOK Oh!

Sharing space in the garage here:



  1. Wow what a great idea. This would be great to bring to places and to distract your little man with some quite play. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Ginger Snap Crafts :)


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