Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Words on the Wall - the Sock Story

Do you have lots of lost socks? I'm pretty sure either my children or my washer eats socks. One of my daughters has taken to deliberately wearing mismatched socks. I'll assume it's a fashion statement and not a reflection on the status of the laundry. :)

Here's my latest greatest solution - the missing sock wall in the laundry room. Fortunately for me my laundry room is in the garage and the walls are NOT textured. The rest of the house is heavily textured (much to my husband's relief so I don't vinylize the entire place).
Single Socks Seeking Sole Mates

For the sock line I used command adhesive hooks and 1/4" grossgrain ribbon and my great slip knot skills to secure my "clothes line" to my hooks.

Hope you enjoy! The play on words makes me smile every time I walk by it. Maybe it will result in a sock love story or too also!

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