Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Monday - Practice without an Instrument!

Yesterday my piano, a 12 year old clavinova that has survived multiple piano students, decided that Sunday would be a day of rest. Unfortunately it didn't decide to go to work on Monday and it will have to visit the repair shop. So piano lessons did not happen yesterday and today I've spent some time considering how to practice and teach without an instrument.


Here are the resources I'm using:

Piano Keyboard Printable from Color in My Piano

Musical Alphabet Word Cards also from Color in My Piano flash card style words from "ACE" to "GAGGED"

Teeny Tiny Flash Cards from PianoAnne small enough to fit on the keys of your piano! Brilliant!

This week we will work on note identification. If the piano isn't resurrected by next week, we will work on rhythm next week. 

I'll let you know how it goes next Monday.

In the meanwhile I set a goal of playing every hymn in the LDS Hymnbook one time before June 1st. I was actually aiming for May 1st, but this being without a piano hiccup will make June 1st a more realistic goal. I am already at Hymn # 106 out of 341. Yay me!


  1. Teaching without a piano sounds like big creative fun to me! Glad you liked the teeny tiny flash cards.

  2. I love those teeny tiny flash cards. I'm going to give it a go with my son, who still struggles to remember notes.


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