Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sew What? - Retro Mending Kit

Believe it or not, occasionally the local lefty takes to scissors and cloth. We'll call this "Variations on a 1950s Travel Sewing Kit." Allow me to introduce the 1950s design:
1950s Travel Sewing Kit - Made in USA - Mid Century Shabby Chic
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Now allow me to introduce the polka dot clad Variation #1: Retro Mending Kit.
 See the inside! How cute! Room for small scissors, pins, needles, and even some thread. Perfect for on the go or just for a needle holder. I always lost my needles till I started using one of these cuties.
 Variation #2: Retro Inspired Heart Mending Kit. Ahhh, the possibilities! I admit to having toooo much fun folding paper this way and that way imagining the different shapes I could make with the same fun fold out features. It's like origami with fabric!

 Felt lined sewing kit.
 And the hardest part was finding small thread snipping scissors at a reasonable price. I finally found this set at the dollar spot of a big chain with a red circle logo. Later I found similar kits at the dollar store.

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