Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Fun

I asked my 9 year old what we are thankful for this week (Spring Break) and she said, "fun." We've been trying to have some of that around here.

Having a playdate with nine kids (mine plus a few) with an average age of 7 was fun (for a few hours).

Eating brownies for breakfast was fun (shhhh, don't tell Dad).

Enjoying extra electronic time is fun.

Playing games is fun! Spot it is a whole family favorite. So the baby doesn't play it too well, but she collects cards for me just fine.

Creating the sport of stroller biking was fun (but I won't be doing it again unless I can rig a hand brake on the stroller I'm trying to push with one hand while riding a bike). I think I'd better look into a bike trailer!

Sleeping in is fun. How nice that the time change coincided with Spring Break! Hopefully that's too our advantage next week too. ;)

Who says you have to go somewhere to have a vacation? That being said, we do have a day trip planned for the near future with the entire family.

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