Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Take 5

So it's Thursday. Or rather it's almost Friday. It's been a day where I feel more like Oscar the Grouch than the Most Magnificent Mom, but that probably means I need to spend more time being grateful not less. Let's see how many things I can list in 5 minutes.

Let's start with the small things.
- I'm grateful for a husband who is currently taking care of yet another kid disaster.
- I'm grateful for wonderful weather for my kids to play outside after school.
- I'm grateful I don't live in a place where it snows (it's pretty, but it's not my thing).
- I'm excited to use my new bike trailer to burn calories instead of gas on the way to school tomorrow.
- I'm grateful no one will read this and make funny comments (oh, wait - that sounded like an invitation to make funny comments).

This afternoon I took the kids on a short bike ride just to check out how it feels to bike with a trailer attached. We haven't had a diaper blow out a long time, but today was the day and yes it happened in the bike trailer. Oh well, it's officially been welcomed to the family now. None of us are perfect either. ;) - I'm grateful I was able to just laugh that one off. A few years ago that would have been a near tragedy. Now it's just stuff.

Quick - take 5 and list what you are thankful for? It's a mood booster I promise. :)

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