Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When We're Helping Momma's Happy

One of my favorite children's songs says, "when we're helping, we're happy." Well, when the children are helping the Momma is happy too. For months I've been writing job assignments and rotating them. When the paper is finally illegible because I just keep scratching out names rewriting them I write it again. That finally will stop because I made this!

It hangs on the wall (not on my winter blanket) and I did put the names of my princes and princesses on the board. No I do not have a child named Saturday - that's where Saturday jobs hang out till Saturday.

I did a pinterest search looking for chore chart ideas. So for my inspiration look at Ginger Snap Crafts' chore chart . I used the same quote (love the same children's song). And my 5 year old picked the color, which I just noticed happens to be very similar to the chore chart at Ginger Snap Crafts!

My philosophy is that the kids have one job each day that contributes to the household. Make bed, put away pjs, brush teeth, etc those are personal responsibilities and I will remind as necessary, but I don't check them off everyday or consider them a chore/job.

The current daily jobs are set table, empty dishwasher, take the garbage and recycling out, pick up the living room (before Dad gets home), and help empty the silverware (she's not even 2 yet so that is a flexible one). Did I mention I have 5 kids?

Here's another look, minus the crowns. ;) AND did I mention the circles on the stars are dry erase vinyl? So when I need to change chore assignments it's a cinch!

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