Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Monday - Fast Forward

Today's Music Monday is called Fast Forward because that's exactly what my beginner wants to do. He kept asking me all week what his next book would be. Sunday when I finally pulled it out for him he started trying to play pieces from it by himself. Then I looked and realized he really does have just a few pages left in his Bastien Primer A book. Wow Mr. Z!

Remember the Randon Reinforcement Charts? This is what they look like today (a month later). They are still working their charm.

And in the tweaking things department, I'm going to try doing a "Group Lesson" once a month. It will really be music games and review and a mini performance for siblings, but it will be fun. And after all music is all about playing right?

In the real life confessions department I didn't give my kiddos a lesson last week. So they had to practice the same songs for two weeks. Yep, I'm real and no where near perfect, but I keep on trucking.

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